crimson peak

Eestew’s Top 6 Horror Movies of the 21st Century

Every list of “best” horror movies seems derived from the author’s unique but very hazy metric. If we judge movies by which are the most unsettling or frightening, why do comedies like Cabin in the Woods so often appear at the top of these lists? Perhaps horror’s flirtations with other genres is a product of necessity or frustration, but whatever the reason, high-quality, “pure” horror films have always been a rarity. But if horror-comedy films always appear on “best of” lists, why not dark fantasy, or even children’s movies? In the spirit of inclusion, and embracing the pure subjectivity of lists like this, here are my favorite horror movies made since 2000, presented without justification or qualification.

#6. Crimson Peak

5. crim

#5. Maleficent

4. malef

#4. Pan’s Labyrinth

3. pan

#3. Coraline

6. coraline

#2. Drag Me to Hell

2. drag

#1. The Babadook

1. baba